Ageless Vitality, Combining Revolutionary Medical Care with Unparalleled Service, We Help you Achieve your Goals.


Our holistic and personalized approach to cosmetic enhancement is designed to refresh, revitalize and beautify the face and body naturally. Combining expert care with the very best treatments and technology we help you achieve a more youthful you and Ageless Vitality.


Dr. Jennifer Pearlman’s vision to help her patients achieve ultimate health and wellbeing has culminated in the creation of PearlMD Rejuvenation – Canada’s first and only Medical Clinic devoted to Women’s Health and Wellness in a state-of-the-art facility.


PearlMD Skin Care RX blends medical grade skin active ingredients into a clean and elegant product line to revitalize the skin reversing the affects of aging, sun damage and conditions such as acne, rosacea, and melasma.

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Media + Press

Dr. Pearlman is a frequently published health expert with articles appearing in the Globe and Mail national newspaper, The Huffington Post, Canadian Living Magazine, Elle and more. She has appeared as an invited speaker on television shows such as Rogers’ Daytime Toronto and frequently lectures to public and professional audiences.

Aging is a process that can be actively managed. While we are undeniably getting older, we can choose to do so proactively.

At PearlMD Rejuvenation, Dr. Pearlman blends the evidence-based science of western medicine with a holistic approach to help patients optimize hormones, health and beauty and achieve Ageless Vitality