We offer a series of Health & Wellness programs, designed to suit your individual goals and needs:

VitalityProActive CareTotalCareHormone OptimizationReShape

The aging process results from loss of vital elements such as hormones, nutrients and sleep combined with the effects of oxidative damage and inflammation. Beyond our genetic predispositions, our health, wellbeing and successful aging are largely determined by our lifestyle and life choices. Our DNA is not our destiny but a road-map from which a proactive approach can help shape successful aging.

Health Collage - Dr. Jennifer Pearlman

Our health and wellness programs offer comprehensive integrative medical care coupled with unparalleled client service. The result is personalized, preventative medicine determined by a deep understanding of one’s genetic, nutritional, hormonal and metabolic footprints.

Through detailed consultation, medical examination, and specialized testing, Dr. Pearlman and her team will help you piece together the puzzle of successful aging to live longer better.

We offer a series of Health & Wellness programs, designed to suit your individual goals and needs;


Health and Wellness Services

Active Age Management
Comprehensive Preventative Health
Case Management
Expert Second Opinion
Concierge Care
Personalized Medicine
Customized Lifestyle Plan
Lifestyle Coaching
Nutritional Support
Micro-Nutrient Therapy
Medical Weight Management
Body Composition Testing
Body Contouring
Pelvic Floor Therapy
Guided Meditation

Screening and Specialized Testing

Cancer Screening
Extended Hormone Testing
Hormone Metabolism Testing
Bone Metabolic Testing
Food Sensitivity Testing
Micro-nutrient Testing
Comprehensive Metabolic and Digestive Analysis
Functional Genomics
Telomere Testing

We invite you to learn more about our programs and services and join us on a journey toward your Ageless Vitality.

Our personalized health programs can help you!


PearlMD TotalCare is a comprehensive Women’s Health and Wellness Program coupled with extended concierge care and case management.

Offering personalized preventative care, expert second opinion, and case management, our TotalCare program represents a comprehensive approach to optimizing health, wellbeing and performance.

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PearlMD Vitality is an integrative and preventative Women’s Health and Wellness Program designed to help you achieve optimal health, vitality and performance.

Offering personalized preventative care and a holistic approach, the PearlMD Vitality program provides a customized wellness plan to guide lifestyle choices, hormone balance, and preventative health strategies. Our goal is to optimize health and wellbeing to enable you to age proactively and achieve Ageless Vitality.

Proactive Care

PearlMD ProActive Care is a comprehensive half day Preventative Health Experience designed to optimize your health and wellbeing

The ProActive Care experience is a half day comprehensive, preventative medical evaluation designed as a destination health and wellness experience. ProActive Care involves a detailed pre-visit intake, a functional medical assessment, integrative care plan and post-visit follow up. A customized wellness plan is designed to guide your lifestyle choices, hormone balance, and preventative health strategies.

Rejuvenate from the inside out.

Breast Protect

PearlMD Protect is a first-of-its-kind Integrative and Preventative Breast Health Program designed to promote breast health and reduce risk.

PearlMD Protect couples the most advanced breast screening options with a comprehensive breast health plan to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Our expert medical team works with each patient to optimize her hormones, estrogen metabolism, detoxification and lifestyle.

Achieve your ideal balance.

Hormone Optimization

PearlMD Hormone Optimization is a Focused Wellness Program designed to help women achieve hormone balance.

Offering an integrative and more focused approach, the PearlMD Hormone Optimization program delivers a customized wellness plan to optimize hormone balance. This program is intended to support women early in the stages of reproductive aging or struggling with symptoms of hormone imbalances.

Achieve your ideal balance.


PearlMD ReShape is a medically supervised integrative weight management program designed to help you improve the health and shape of your body.

The PearlMD ReShape program targets age-related weight gain and body shape change through a comprehensive 12-week medical program coupled with customized lifestyle management and intensive coaching. A multi-disciplinary team provides detailed medical evaluation, body composition analysis, diagnostic and metabolic testing, hormone optimization, nutritional consultation and lifestyle coaching.

Start the path to love your shape.